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ChippmunkTM is a savings search engine that will help you shop smarter — and save you time and money.

We get savings information from stores and compile it right here so you can quickly see which stores are offering the best deals for you. We do this with something called the CouponRankTM algorithm. (And you thought your high school calculus course was a waste of time.)

We publish only valid, working coupons and offers so you don’t have to wade through a bunch of duds before finding the mother of all deals. When you know what’s out there, you can be confident that you’re really getting the best deal. And who knows, you might even discover a new favorite place to shop!

We want Chippmunk to be the first place you look when you begin shopping. Try it! We think you’ll like it.

Our Rewards Network influences sales



content creators and growing daily


15 million


14 million

Social Media followers

100 million

monthly video views



content creators and growing daily


8 million

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Founding Team

We’re a team of engineers, artists, developers, mathematicians, designers, editors, marketers, and business people who want to bring you the best shopping experience in the world. We’ve cut our teeth on consumer web sites and coupon sites, and now we’re bringing all of our experience to

We also have several four-legged friends who give us moral support: a miniature dachshund, two huskies, a black lab, a yorkie, and two terrier mixes. Super cute.

Brian Nickerson

Brian Nickerson Brian Nickerson

Brian, our co-founder and CEO, is our big idea guy: He brings vision, energy, excitement, and leadership to Chippmunk. He's been quoted as a retail shopping expert in leading publications like the New York Times, National Public Radio, CNBC, Bankrate, Daily Worth, Yahoo! Finance, and MSN Money. He’s also a ball player. More on that in a minute.

Brian has made a career out of helping people have great online shopping experiences. He started as a manufacturing supervisor at a stop sign factory and eventually moved to Operations Finance at Yahoo!. From there, he joined the Shopping Division at Internet Brands. He built the Shopping Division from the ground up, making 17 acquisitions and growing the operating team from one to more than 100 people — all in three years. The Shopping Division has a monthly reach of more than 10 million unique visitors and influences hundreds of millions of dollars of online sales annually.

Brian holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Engineering and Economics from Dartmouth College, where he was awarded the Kenneth Archibald Prize for high standing in scholarship and all-around athletic achievement. He served as the only 3-year captain since baseball began at Dartmouth in 1866, and was inducted into the College's Athletic Hall of Fame. He also played minor league baseball for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

While Brian has lived in 10 states, he's come back to his roots as a fifth generation Californian who enjoys all that Santa Monica has to offer. Outside of Chippmunk, Brian tries to spend as much time as possible outdoors, including surfing, hiking, and bike riding along the California coast.

Samira Mahjoub Tapia

Samira Mahjoub Tapia Samira Mahjoub Tapia

Samira, our Head of Product, believes that a trip to IKEA is better than a trip to Disneyworld. That’s part of why she’s perfect for Chippmunk, where she is in charge of bringing awesome product lines to our users.

She has been the product leader at Nielsen for the Hollywood Creative Directory brand, led product at Teleflora for a number of divisions and pioneered product management for the Shopping Division at Internet Brands. She was also a software engineer at IFILM and a web developer for EMI Music, Universal Studios, CBS Kingworld, and a technology consulting firm.

Samira comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and bargain shoppers and routinely loses track of time at Target. She’s built a career around shopping, from helping out at her parents’ retail and international wholesale business to working retail throughout college to moonlighting as a mystery shopper to running a small business online.

She’s a proud alumni of the University of Toronto and has spent time living on four continents. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two rescued huskies. Outside of Chippmunk, she can be found visiting local schools and nursing homes with her certified therapy dog and volunteering for dog rescue organizations. She's passionate about home decorating and renovating and owns every single back issue of Domino and Blueprint magazines.

Christian Levy

Christian is our co-founder and head of engineering — he’s the guy who is charge of making Chippmunk look beautiful and run smoothly.

He comes to Chippmunk with a strong background in building high-traffic websites, working at companies such as Break Media and Internet Brands, where he led architecture and development for the Shopping Division.

He’s thoughtful about the shopping experience on Chippmunk and makes sure every change is thoroughly tested and reviewed before it is debuted for users — he’s the reason you never have to wait for a page to load.

In his spare time, you’ll find Christian tinkering with new frameworks and programming languages, or playing basketball and hanging out with his two dogs.

Advisory Board:

Richard Chino, Private Investor, formerly at, Overture,

Rick Gombos, CFO OpenX; former Nuclear Engineer with the US Navy, Overture, Yahoo!

Erik Hovanec, Co-Founder at the Design Accelerator, former CEO Leisure Link, Overture

Pete Selda, Private Investor, former CEO at Whole Security, Internet Dynamics, Identity Engine, the 41st Parameter

Petar Mandich, Chief Talent Officer at ADDITION LLC, the leading Digital Talent Management Company

Contact Us

We’re busy scoring deals for you from our home base in Los Angeles, California.

We love to hear from our users! We take suggestions on new stores to add, coupon tips, press mentions, and feedback from our users. No spam, please. It’s bad karma.

You can reach us via email at info (at) chippmunk (dot) com or via this form.

Want to go old school? Our mailing address is:
149 S. Barrington Ave. #644
Los Angeles, CA 90049


Why use Chippmunk?

We’ve all been flooded with ways to save money — through the mail, through email, on retailer websites, on Facebook, through blogs … you get the picture. It’s tough to make sense of information for one store, let alone compare deals across stores. And many “deal” websites are more interested in getting you to click on the offers they list than actually helping you find a way to save money.

We think we can do better. At Chippmunk, you’ll easily find savings that work and can save you the most money on your purchase. We also pride ourselves on offering deals from related stores — we want to help you discover something new so you can make the best decision.

Which stores do we feature on the site?

We feature top brands and are always adding new stores and categories. Every store we feature goes through an extensive vetting process. We know you trust us to show you the best deals, and we deliver! Our site is designed to show you trusted brands with information that is organized in an easy-to-use way — it’s all in one simple place.

We’ll also suggest other shopping destinations that you may not have thought of. Let’s say you search for Teleflora flowers. We might also direct you to Red Envelope, which has beautiful arrangements as well. Maybe you want a new necklace: We’ll suggest the quirky, well-edited selection at ModCloth.

We’re on the lookout for more stores. If you have a favorite that you don’t see here, let us know! We’ll add it as soon as we can.

How does Chippmunk decide which coupons and offers to publish?

Every coupon and offer is tested and verified before it is published on Chippmunk, and our algorithims are designed to help you easily find those coupons. We publish offers — from any source and in any form — that will help you save money. You might find offers for free shipping, free gifts, sales, or product-specific discounts. As long as we know it will help you save some cash, we’ll publish and organize it for you.

The store tells me the offer is no longer available. Now what?

Sadly, all good deals must come to an end. Our retailers have final say over the offers they advertise and honor at any given time. Sometimes an offer is good for a limited amount of time or on a limited number of products. Sometimes a sale ends a day early, either by accident, by design, or by supernatural act. Sometimes a store advertises a product on sale, but their systems aren’t ready to handle the sales volume and they have to stop the promotion.

Sometimes things change and we don’t catch the change immediately. We definitely want to know about that! If you see something that doesn’t work or doesn’t make sense, we want to hear about it. We’ll fix it so you can get back to worry-free shopping.

Chippmunk is showing the same offer that is advertised on the store’s homepage. Why?

Sometimes you will see the same offer on a store’s home page and Chippmunk. We do the hard work to gather money saving information from every source we can think of, which includes the store website itself. By organizing the information from several similar stores for you, we can help you be more informed and shop smarter.

Can I find free shipping coupons?

Yep! We organize free shipping information so you can easily find stores that offer free shipping. Free shipping is just one way to save money when shopping online. Also look for other offers that may save you as much or more than free shipping coupons.

What’s with the name “Chippmunk”?

Because Chippmunks save stuff. And they’re cute. At least we think so.

How do I deal with negativity regarding me monetizing my content?

Don't get too down about it. Similar to your regular commenters - there are many more readers who may not vocalize that they're ok with it or even encourage it so that you can keep producing that awesome content! Definitely don’t feel the need to apologize for monetizing your content!

We all know this is a big debate in the world of blogging & vlogging. Some readers may not realize that this is an income that allows us to create great content for them, while helping to support us and our families. Don't let it get you down because of a few squeaky wheels. More importantly, don't take it personally. Stand strong and realize that you’re helping your audience with Magiclinks links!

  • You’re helping them get a deal at their favorite store.
  • You're helping them save time pointing them to deals that actually work and are constantly updated.
  • You’re helping them easily find the products you rave about, making sure they're not wasting money on products that don't work.
  • Looking at your content like a business and not being afraid to monetize means you're a professional. Right on, you're working at a job you love!

If you do decide to engage with any negative comments about monetization, don't apologize since you aren't doing anything wrong.Try using phrasing such as "I understand why you may be concerned..." and explain that monetizing does not affect your opinion of products, because you have the ability to monetize across all stores and products. A well thought out and respectful response can enhance your reputation amongst all of your followers.

Chippmunk mentioned in the New York Times regarding Start-Ups

Proud to be featured on the Today Show on January 7th, 2014. Big thanks to Jean Chatzky and The Today Show for mentioning us on your Common Cents segment this morning! Jean shared great tips to save in 2014.

Honored to be featured on Time's "10 Apps and Sites That Will Save You Money" on February 20th, 2014.

Featured in "Shopping for a Bargain? Bookmark these sites"

Great review of Chippmunk : "We were really impressed with the simplicity of the site," said ShopSmart deputy editor Jody Rohlena. "It's easy to use and we also felt like there was a really good variety to the codes."

Chippmunk Raises $750,000 in Seed Funding

Top e-commerce investors galvanize behind Chippmunk, a new savings search engine that has driven $5 million in retail sales in less than a year

Los Angeles/December 11, 2013 – Chippmunk, a savings search engine that helps consumers instantly discover where to shop and find the best online deals, has closed its seed funding round of $750,000 during the peak holiday shopping season.

Chippmunk is a highly curated, one-stop savings search engine that distinguishes itself with budget-driven features such as comparison shopping, rich filter search and Expert Shopper recommendations. The Chippmunk platform is built on the game-changing CouponRankTM algorithm and offers smart, spam-free coupon search. The site is mobile-optimized, socially integrated and free of plug-ins or device constraints.

Ease of use is what sets Chippmunk apart, CEO Brian Nickerson says. “Where other deal and coupon sites have run their course by confusing consumers with tricks, Chippmunk provides a clean, consumer friendly experience to help people quickly and easily compare deals,” he says. “Our passion and commitment to incomparable UX is at the core of what drives our team and we will continue scaling and investing in the product.”

Chippmunk Bootstrapping Stats:

  • The savings search engine has driven more than $5 million in sales for retailers
  • In Q4 consumers saved more than $25 per transaction on average
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales performed three times better than the industry average, driving 250 percent increase in additional retailer sales
  • Partnerships span 25 categories with more than 600 leading brands including Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Sephora, Nordstrom, Pier 1 Imports, Red Envelope, Harry and David, Wayfair and the GAP
  • Chippmunk’s user base has doubled every 2 months since launch

The seed round is comprised primarily of Los Angeles and Silicon Valley-based angel investors with vast internet expertise spanning search, content/video publishing, social promotions and e-commerce. The round is led by investments from Richard Chino, a key early member of and; Dan Murray, CFO of Machinima; Derek Draper of Wildfire by Google; Nikhil Srivastava of KKR; Angel Investor Andrew Schwartz and others. “The Chippmunk team has demonstrated that they can build a scalable, useful product for consumers while engaging with top retail brands and generating revenue,” Chino says. “I’m confident in the team’s ability to execute. Their deep, direct domain experience has already proven valuable as they capitalize on the 2013 holiday shopping season.”

In addition to announcing its seed round, Chippmunk is launching a beta version of its Blogger Rewards Program, which helps content creators increase monetization by providing coupons to their loyal audience members under a revenue sharing model

“Our Blogger Rewards Program stemmed from our intimate understanding and passion for both online shopping and blogs,” says Co-Founder and Head of Product Samira Mahjoub Tapia. “We’re fairly compensating our content creators while unlocking additional distribution channels for our retailers. Bloggers have been extremely receptive to working with us because of our quality product, and the Rewards Program is another way for us to foster those relationships. It’s a win-win.”

About Chippmunk

Chippmunk is a savings search engine focused on aggregating and ranking online coupons in popular shopping categories. Launched in September 2013, Chippmunk has already driven over $5 million in sales to top-tier retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Sephora, Nordstrom, Pier 1 Imports, Red Envelope, Harry and David, Wayfair and the GAP. Key recent features include the CouponRankTM algorithm, Expert Shopper and Filtered Search. Chippmunk is mobile-optimized, socially integrated and free of plug-ins or device constraints. Founders include e-commerce, online coupon and product review veterans Brian Nickerson and Samira Mahjoub Tapia.

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Press Contact:
Jody Green
917.292.7070 mobile

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For press inquiries, please contact

What people are saying about Chippmunk

"A vast e-coupon book, this choose-your-own-shopping-adventure-style site allows users to select their budget and shopping category, and retrieve the best deal on said object of desire. Then the rest is up to you.
Our go-to for: Pretty much anything you need, on sale: from books and home décor pieces, to your all-time favourite retailers"

Elle Magazine Canada

"This is AWESOME. Where have this been all my life? I love that you can choose discounts based on your budget, and it calculates the savings for you! Also, so happy they have legit brands, not random stores that no one cares about."


"Thank u so much......I love to shop online and get so frustrated when I cannot find a valid coupon code. I will so be using this site!! Found a couple of deals for stores I shop like Asos, Express, BR and many more!!!!"


"Totally going to use Chippmunk from now on, rather than Googling for promo-codes. I like that you can search by store."


"Much cleaner layout than other coupon sites I’ve used. It’s actually readable!"

Cassie S

"Very well designed site. I can get the coupons I like without having to weed through the ones I don't."

Richard James

"i like the fact it start with your personal budget very helpful."

Kendra M

"I like how you can choose your budget and then choose a department and up pops the coupon codes! That’s really convenient! Thank you."

Kim S

A Bit About Who We Are and What We Do

Everything we do at Chippmunk is guided by a few core ideas, and we’d like to share those with you. You ready? It might get a little deep.

We’re Straight Shooters

Our business is based on the trust we earn from our users and featured stores, and that’s important to us. We’ll always be authentic and sincere, whether we’re answering emails or signing contracts or coming up with new ways to make our customers happy. If we don’t have your trust, then what have we got?

We Have Fun

We’re all about that “hell yeah” feeling you get when you score a great deal from a store you love. We love shopping, working, laughing, and having a great time while creating a business that helps users shop smarter.

We Make It Simple

Shopping shouldn’t be hard. That’s why we’re always trying to make your online experience as clear and worry-free as possible. We work hard to keep Chippmunk easy to read, easy to use, and easy to enjoy.

We’re Always Getting Better

You know what’s great about shopping? The thrill of discovery. We try to bring that thrill to everything we do: We’re always learning, always trying new ideas, always solving problems, and always looking for the next big thing, next big product, next big deal to share with you.

We Go Big

We think life is too short to be mediocre. When we do something, we do it well, or we don’t do it at all.