Bell & Clive is definitely NOT your ordinary clothing store, though they do take pride in offering you great fashions at the best prices around. Bell & Clive just does it differently. Instead of a more static clothing store where you look around and pick out what you want from their selection any old time, they offer a dynamic sales environment with a constantly-changing selection of styles.

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Sales Are Always Hot at Belle & Clive

July 22, 2014

Belle_Clive Last week I got invited to go to a concert with a guy I've kind of had my eye on for a long time, so I started digging through my closet to find something really special to wear. I found a few things that I thought looked pretty good, but they kind of reminded me of someone I really didn't want to think about when I was out with someone new. I thought I might shop online for a new outfit to wear, but I really wanted it to be perfect. So, then the problem was that I found a couple of great designer outfits, but they were way more than I could afford. Somehow it’s worse to see what I want and to not be able to afford it than it is to just not find anything that I like. Anyway, I didn't know what I was going to do, and then a friend told me to check out Belle & Clive, because their stuff is always on sale. I wasn't too sure what she meant until I went to the B&C page and joined – it was free – and took a look at what was going on. Instead of working like a regular online store, where I search through tons of stuff to see if I can find what I want, this place has a bunch of sales going on all the time, and nothing but sales. It was really easy to check stuff out, and right away I found something that I liked. The only thing is, I had to buy it right away because the sale ended the next day. But that was perfect for me, since I needed something fast, and besides, the sale price was so incredible that it was well within my budget. I didn't have to save up for it, so I ordered it on the spot. I even got a belt and some other accessories to go with it, all at super-great prices. Before I left Belle & Clive I signed up for their email alerts so that I will always be notified of their new sales. Since most sales only run two or three days, I want to stay on top of the new ones so that I don’t miss anything good. I am really happy with my purchases from B&C and can’t wait to discover the next great thing I need. I even got my fashion-challenged sister to join. She may never buy anything for herself, but they have some really cute kids’ clothes, too, and her son looks adorable in the outfit she got him just the other day. I don’t know who came up with this idea, but what a fun way to shop!

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