Build a Bear offers build your own Teddy Bears. You can choose your stuffing, stitching, fluffing, and dress for your new furry friend.

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Ninja Turtles Hit Build-A-Bear Workshop

Richel Newborg
July 17, 2014

ninja turtles There is a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie coming out and Ninja Turtles are making a comeback.  It started last Christmas when the toys from the 1980's came back and kids every where wanted them.  I remember trying to get one of the toys for my boys.  It was sold out online and in every store in our area.  I finally lucked out when a local store got a huge haul of them.  They were gone in 20 minutes but lucky for me, I got two! Now you can grab these guys at Build-A-Bear Work shop as they are the featured new build it friend for summer.  What an awesome gift for one little guy or girl to get in the mail!  Grandma's and Grandpa's take note, this would be one cool gift to send to the grand-kiddos! All of the toys are made out of soft fabrics and filled with a soft blend to make them extra huggable.  You can also buy just the turtle or get the combat pack which is sold separately for some of the toys.  This way you can get your turtle just the way you want. As with all of the Build-A-Bear toys, you can make them in store or order them already stuffed and filled with love online. You can also purchase the Ninja Turtles packs to deck other furry friends out in costume.  So be prepared for pink princess bears to get a little Ninja Turtle gear to make them extra fierce! So we want to know, which one is your favorite Ninja Turtle?

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