Cookies are kryptonite for most folks. Flowers are great, but a bouquet of cookies? Now we’re talking. Cookies by Design offers creative edible arrangements, including cookie gift baskets, cakes, bouquets, trays, and more. You can customize your cookie gift for any occasion, including personalization with a name or special message. Cookies by Design began in 1983 when Gwen Willhite unexpectedly found herself unemployed and decided to combine two traditional gifts, flowers and cookies, into a single concept: the cookie bouquet. More...

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Cookies By Design's Delicious Fundraising

Rene Keith
September 28, 2014

cookies by design Back to school is more than just new backpacks and materials lists and night-before jitters. For parents, it means meetings, open houses, and endless PTA events.

As a PTA parent, I know my organization is always on the hunt for new fundraisers to help generate money for childrens' programs. Bake sales, car washes- you name it, we've done it. And it's all getting a little bit boring.

Luckily (and deliciously), Cookies By Design offers their own fundraising program that is bound to bring the dollars rolling in: Cookie dough. Right? Brilliant! Who could resist pre-made cookie dough? And not just any cookie dough, but Cookies By Design's own mouth-watering recipe specifically designed for their fundraising effort. Preservative-free and ready to pop into the oven, the dough comes in a variety of flavors: snickerdoodle, cinnamon oatmeal raisin, and of course the classic, always popular chocolate chip, to name a few.

If you're afraid you won't have the willpower to ignore the cookie dough chilling out in your fridge, this fundraiser creates a great twofer: Not only are you raising money for your favorite organization, you can stock up on gifts. I like to keep the dough in the freezer (it freezes fabulously, and keeps for at least six months) as a gift for new neighbors, hostesses, or new parents. Giving frozen dough means they can pop it in the oven whenever they're feeling the urge for something yummy, and in any quantity they want. Wrap up a dozen or so in a freezer-friendly container, and they will be so grateful to have something sweet that will last long after the new baby comes home, or when they want to christen a new oven. Keeping the dough frozen for myself prevents me from inhaling too many freshly baked cookies, too; I can choose to make a smaller amount as the craving hits.

Cookies By Design has a streamlined, super-efficient fundraising system in place, and the sell won't be difficult at all. People will hear 'cookie dough' and the checks will write themselves. Kids will be pumped to participate, too- they can smell a freshly baked cookie from miles away. Everyone wins- money for organizations and delicious cookies for contributors. All that's missing is a glass of milk.

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