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Make Your Life Easier with Diapers.com

Richel Newborg
July 17, 2014

baby essentials from Diapers.com Once you have a baby, things change.  They change fast in fact.  The time that you normally had to "get stuff done" now is consumed by feeding, burping, and washing little tiny (but totally cute) ensembles for your little one.

One of the most awesome things I discovered was ordering diapers online.  Sadly, I did not discover this until my second child was about 8 months old. Let me tell you that having things for baby delivered is the most amazing thing!

Here are five reasons why Diapers.com is a lifesaver:

1.  You won't run out of anything

One of the things I realized was frustrating straightaway when I had a baby was that I was so tired that I could not seem to remember that I needed to head out and buy diapers and wipes.  I would get to the point where I would be opening the last pack but could not seem to remember to then go to the store and get more.

Diapers.com changed this.  I could jump online while feeding the baby and order what I needed.  It was fast, easy and it came right to the door.  It saved me so much time and mental effort that I was a whole lot less stressed.

2. Try something new

One awesome thing is that you can try different products really easily.  Want to try a new diaper cream? Just add it too your diaper order.  You can easily get information on it. It's so easy to shop that you can find a ton of stuff really easily.

3. Travel with ease

When we traveled with our little one's, It was so easy to just change the address and have the diapers shipped to their grandparents' house.  You can have them shipped to just about anyplace so that you are always prepared.  It makes it so easy because you don't have to worry about packing anything...they just arrive at your hotel, in-laws' or parents' house.

4. You can easily gift

When I was pregnant, I used Diapers.com to send "new grandparents gifts" right to their doors.  You just select everything they will need; diapers, wipes, maybe a few fun toys, and you are all set.  This is also a great way to gift things to friends or family members that are having babies.

Even if your friend doesn't have a baby, you can shop for a ton of items on Diapers.com.  They have things for kids of all ages and a few things for adults too!

5. You can get great deals

Diapers.com has a "Deals & Steals" page where you can find awesome deals for your family.  You can also get a $5 credit for each friend or family member that you refer to Diapers.com.  Right now there is not a limit to the number of friends you can earn.  Plus you can shop special buys and deals all month long.  They change regularly so stock up!

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