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Homecoming Looks At Dillard's

Rene Keith
September 28, 2014

dillards Autumn is peeking around the corner, and if you're a tween or teen, the dread of going back to school is equally paired with the thrill of going back to school. No one is looking forward to homework and tests and curfews, but everyone is looking forward to football games, hanging out with friends, and the ultimate back-to-school rite of passage: Homecoming.

I'm VERY far removed from my own homecoming days, but I remember the excitement that built from the first day of school until the weekend of the big game and dance. For the girls attending, the anticipation nears a fever-pitch because of the all important homecoming dress.

Dilliard's has a fantastic selection of dresses that will both appeal to girls and their moms; there are plenty of cute and flirty frocks that don't veer into the too-mature direction, and keep things relatively tame while still delivering plenty of glam style that will thrill the girls. And, if mom is footing the bill, she probably gets some say where her cash is going. Some notable trends this fall include:
  • Cut-outs. Show just a sliver of skin, not the whole kit and kaboodle.
  • Skater Dresses. Form-fitting up top with a full, swinging skirt is a dance floor must-have.
  • Sequins. I mean, duh. You can opt for just a hint of sparkle, or really ride the trend and don a dress that is completely sequined.
  • Sheer skirts and hi-low hems. Both add a breezy, ethereal feel to your dress and create great movement.
  • Lace. Always classy, lace adds sophistication and interest to any dress.
  • Bows. Not just tied around waists- bows are popping up at the neck and on the backs of semi-formal dresses this season and add a playful, flirty touch.
  • Pastels. Black is always a safe fallback plan, but this season opt for a lighter color. Popular choices are blushes, rosy pinks and soft corals and greens. These subdued colors will help showcase any lingering summer tan you may have, too.
Check out Dillard's full collection (there are literally hundreds of dresses) to get yourself geared up for the big dance. On a budget? I saw some very cute dresses reduced to a mere $20- that's just a couple of hours spent babysitting! Whichever party dress you choose, go with your gut and pick the one that suits you the best. You are sure to have an amazing time.