Customize eShakti's many dresses, tops and skirts to fit you perfectly. Keeping tailor-made clothing affordable and attractive is eShakti's mission, and they deliver on ladylike dresses, including a great selection for bridesmaids, and breezy tops and sophisticated skirts.

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Customize & Buy at eShakti

Rene Keith
July 9, 2014


We've all had the online shopping dilemma of I love that dress but I don't know how it's going to fit. It looks great on the model, but it's hard to tell what size that model is, or how that dress will translate on a larger/smaller/taller/shorter person. You whip out the measuring tape to get an a clearer idea, do some bending and tugging and note-taking, but you won't truly know until the package arrives in the mail. And, as we all know, that can be a moment of great triumph or crushing defeat, both for your wardrobe and your self-esteem. That is, unless you shop at eShakti.

Guys, how did I not know about this? eShakti is, in short, brilliant, because it not only has tons of gorgeous women's clothing but it also allows customers to customize those same styles specifically to their own bodies, and for a mere $7.50. Add sleeves, take sleeves off, make the bust larger or the hem longer- whatever suits you can be done. Add pockets! I love pockets, pockets in dresses are the best.

I myself have a tick about maxi dresses not being long enough, and eShakti easily takes care of that personal neurosis for me. If clothing tends to fit you pretty accurately, choose from standard sizes, but know that your chosen piece is still made just for you; eShakti does not stock sizes, and still asks for your height to ensure the fit is absolutely spot-on. eShakti features decidedly ladylike dresses with a retro (but still fashionable) feel, as well as adorable tops, blouses and jackets and work appropriate skirts that range from flirty and flouncy to straight up va-va-voom.

Sizes range from 0 to 36, which is practically unheard of from a clothing company, let alone one that boasts such cute, feminine and flattering looks. And, considering that all of the clothing is made to order, the prices are shockingly reasonable, as is the turnaround time- 14 business days. I KNOW. We're on the same learning curve, here.

Planning a wedding? Instruct your bridesmaids to head to eShakti and there is no need to duke it out over dress styles. Everyone can have essentially the same frock created for them, fit perfectly and with styling they each prefer, such as sleeve length and neckline preference. Everyone is happy and you don't have to referee, which is a win-win situation.

This schooling on eShakti has taught us that looking like a million bucks does not have to cost you actual millions of bucks, plus it can be hassle-free and damn speedy, too. Stylish, unique, and looking mighty good- all the things most of us aspire our wardrobes to be.

Expert shopper steals from eShakti:

Mom life!

Mom life!
Read More 355 weeks ago

Amber McCain


Oooh! Tell me more!

This Old Navy sweater was actually bought from a thrift store, the headband I made myself, the boots I bought from ebay & the dress I got for free (I did a review on the company). The only thing I paid full price for was the belt from forever21 Mens section!

How much did you save?

$40 on the dress. I got the sweater for $4. The boots were $20. The belt was $7.

No way! tell me your secrets!

SALES!! Usually if you wait a bit, you'll come across a great sale!