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Expedia, Take Me Away

Rene Keith
July 17, 2014

No seriously, I mean it. It is high time for a vacation. A break is desperately needed from keeping up with work, kids, the house, and life in general, really. The question that stumps me, and a lot of vacation-seekers, is to where? Do you want to sit on the beach, or sight-see, or hop on a cruise? Central America, Europe, or the Caribbean? A true first world problem, we know, but deciding on a vacation locale can be tense.

You typically only get one shot per year to get it right, and if you're responsible for planning for a group, hell hath no fury like vacation time squandered during rainy season or in a dank hotel. No one will ever want to travel with you again. That's why you need to use a great site like Expedia to sort out all the details.

When you shop for travel needs through Expedia, you can select combinations like hotel and airfare or hotel and car.  The ability to combine your needs can equal a discounted price or sometimes other perks so make sure you check that out! Use the search and play with the options so you can get exactly what you need for the price you can afford to pay.

When I planned a family trip to Las Vegas, Expedia was one of the best resources that we used.  We were able to schedule flights, hotel rooms and a rental car.  When an extra family member wanted to join the fun, I just popped on and made some changes.  It was really quick and really easy.  When we wanted to stay an extra day, we were able to get a better price on Expedia than we could have by walking up to the front desk and just asking!  It was awesome!

Even if you were making a whirlwind trip to Europe with stopovers in multiple countries, you can use Expedia to schedule everything and know that if you need to make changes, you can do it quickly.  It's user friendly and of course, you can find what you need based on the number of people, where you want to stay, and what your budget is.