Bio: About. is a lifestyle blog set in Charleston, WV focused on living a fashionable, fun-filled and frugal life with your family in our charming city. Mission Helping you work within your budget to live a fun and fashionable life with your family in Charleston, WV for pennies…or less! Description About Morgan: Morgan in a nutshell- I have an unreal love for my (step) children – Kylea and Colin and my basset hound Sadie. I sing in the car but not in the shower. I embrace my passion for large tacky jewelry because I know it was inherited from my Nana. My husband and my parents are my best friends. I live for a bargain and pride myself on my best deal stories. I’m a transplant to the charming Charleston, WV-a city I’m now proud to call my home. I hope that through this blog you are inspired to discover everything our city has to offer and are able to create personal style in our city – or yours – on a budget.