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Give The Gift Everyone Secretly Wants

Rene Keith
July 17, 2014

Fannie May Berries I apologize if you haven't had lunch yet but are now staring, longingly, at those delicious chocolates. They're gorgeous and mouth-watering, am I right? This is why I'm nominating the humble but oh-so delectable box of chocolates as the top gift that no one is expecting but that everyone will happily devour.

Sure, there was a time when handing over a box of chocolates at any family gathering was de rigueur. But that was a looong time ago and those chocolates weren't anywhere near the level of quality and yumminess (real word) of these chocolates from Fannie May.

I mean, LOOK AT THEM. They're like little tiny works of chocolaty art. And the company has been around since 1920 so they know good confections.

But enough about eating them, let's get back to giving chocolates. (Sad trombone.) There really isn't any occasion where chocolates would not go over well in a big way, and we know that they are always a stellar and sweet hostess gift, in particular. It is a traditional gesture, with a modern twist: These aren't any old grocery store box of chocolates. Now you can choose from high quality truffles, chocolate-dipped strawberries, buttercreams, peanut brittle, or many other varieties of scrumptious chocolates. Each selection is fresh, smartly wrapped and well presented.

Send Grandma glazed nuts on her birthday, sea salt caramels to your boss, or an assortment with no added sugar to your health-conscious mom on her birthday. Fannie May even has gluten-free and Kosher options, too.

Fannie May delivers worldwide, so even if you can't personally hand the box over, someone will be mighty pleased to see that package waiting at their door.

It's a classic gift, really- a delicious, chocolaty classic, that appeals to anyone with taste buds. People never buy chocolates for themselves. But you? You give chocolates, and now you are everyone's favorite.

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