FTD has been delivering flowers for more than 100 years. Built on industry leading standards for floral quality, artistry, and reliability, FTD offers safe, fast delivery for amazing floral arrangements perfect for any holiday, occasion, or special day.

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Beyond Blooms: Great Gifts from FTD

Rene Keith
July 17, 2014

FTD Think fast- you need to send a gift ASAP to any number of people for any number of life events you've recently blanked on: Birthday, bar mitzvah, anniversary, thank you, etc. Don't just sit there in a panic, head over to FTD.com.

Did you poke around a bit? I certainly hope so, because if you did you saw that are endless gift-giving possibilities, beyond flowers, that you can send right now, that will be delivered today or tomorrow. Juuuuust in the nick of time.

Though I pride myself of my gift-giving prowess, one event almost slipped through the cracks. A sudden surgery for a friend across the country, and I had to act fast. I had used FTD in the past to send floral arrangements but I hadn't realized they could deliver so much more. Beautiful flowers, sure, but also gourmet treats and endless gift options.

If your recipient has a sweet tooth, a sweet confection from Mrs. Prindables, a tower of chocolate chip cookies from Mrs. Fields, or a fancy golden box of Godiva chocolate truffles will satisfy any craving. Chocolate dipped strawberries and caramel apple slices, brownies, or chocolate covered Oreos are just some of the delights to choose from. I've been eyeing those chocolate covered Oreos, personally, but if your recipient is a bit more health conscious, select a fresh fruit basket or nut assortment. (More Oreos for me!)

Tangible gifts are unexpected from FTD, but will charm whoever is lucky enough to receive one. Babies and little kids will squeal when a stuffed Curious George doll arrives at their door. New homeowners will love a personalized doormat or monogrammed throw blanket. Sending something for newlyweds? Perhaps a crystal vase or jewelry (jewelry!) for ladies, as well as Willow Tree figurines. Sterling silver cuff links, luxe robes and grilling kits for men just scratches the surface of possibilities.

Sometimes, though, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers just fits the bill. I love the faux paint can instead of a traditional vase used in the Color Your Day With Joy Collection. Choose from a variety of bright and cheerful arrangements that feature unique themes, such as joy, radiance, and laughter. One is sure to suit just about any occasion.

As for me, I chose a potted lucky bamboo tree to wish my friend a speedy recovery. But now I know about all of the other great options at FTD- most available for same day delivery if I've really blanked on an important date- I can relax and know I can always make it in time.

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