NatureBox puts together packages of healthy snacks to help its customers achieve their goals of being healthy and fit. Each month, their prepackaged boxes have a new delicious theme while they continue to satisfy your hunger and keep you healthy. In addition, by purchasing these snacks, NatureBox contributes one meal to hungry children for each box sold through their partnership with Feeding America.

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Get Your (Healthier) Snack On With NatureBox

Rene Keith
November 14, 2014

nature box Snacks. Am I right? My kryptonite is a bag of anything salty and crunchy. Also, less appetizingly, I can't seem to stop myself from eating the discarded crusts of my children's peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or stray Goldfish crackers left in their wakes. Sitting at a desk all day, typing, is the most tempting/worst thing ever for a serial snacker, such as myself. Sedentary + snacks = I need cardio, STAT. Snacking in and of itself isn't so horrible; it is actually recommended to eat smaller meals more often throughout the day to keep ones metabolism rolling. (Unless those small meals are M&Ms, cookies, chips, etc.). But I know for me one snack can seamlessly merge with another, and before I know it I've casually munched my way through the entire day. I signed up for Naturebox to get my snacking back on track. Naturebox is a subscription snack service (aka Brilliant Awesomeness) that delivers delicious and healthy snacks in a appropriate portion sizes, right to your door. (So, yes, I do have to get up at least once a day to get the mail.) Customers can create their ideal snack package by completing a profile and choosing savory, sweet, spicy, or a combination of all three. Naturebox's own nutritionist helps create the packages as well, if you are looking to keep your snacks diet-friendly and are watching your carb intake. There are a gazillion ways to customize a Naturebox: Snacks that are free of gluten, sugar, dairy or nuts, or over 70 vegan options, and none of the snack choices have any artificial anything, including GMO's. Stock your pantry with all-natural goodies for the whole family- kids will love the figgy bars, sweet potato sticks and PB & J granola as much as you do. You can choose from Naturebox's enormous roster of goodies, or let them send you a surprise. Five full-sized snack bags are delivered every month, and you can purchase extras of your favorites. Plans start at $20 a month, with discounted prepaid annual and semi-annual plans. In this house, the Sriracha roasted cashews are worth the subscription price alone, but we all also enjoy the Peanut Butter Nom-Noms, Pineapple Coconut Bars, and the Lone Star Snack Mix. So now while I type the day away, I'm eating wholesome, nutritious snacks (Mom would be so proud!) and I'm not mindlessly munching, because I'm actually feeling satisfied. And I'm not wasting tons of calories on all-thriller-no-filler munchies, so I'm not guilt ridden and bloated. Everyone here is winning with Naturebox!

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