Oriental Trading Company specializes in the delightfully unusual and hard-to-find, like self-adhesive jewels, stretchy yo-yos, 100-piece stamp kits — even fish nets and starfish made out of sugar. It's a great resource for teachers, party planners, wacky gift-givers, and people who love stuff that's out of the ordinary. Oriental Trading Company rounds out their site with customer reviews that will help you find exactly what you need. Super huge wiggle eyes, anyone?

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Grab Arts and Crafts Supplies Oriental Trading Company

Richel Newborg
July 17, 2014

art supplies When you have young kids, it's a good idea to have a great supply of arts and crafts supplies.  I love ordering from Oriental Trading Company so that I have enough for all three kids. If you want to put together a great art supply kit, here are all the things you'll need:


You'll need construction paper, drawing paper and maybe some heavy paper that will stand up to lots of glue!  You can buy it in larger packs which make building up a supply of paper easy!  Remember to grab extra paper for the holidays!


You'll need a few colors of paint to keep everyone from fighting over them, and some paint brushes, too.  Make sure you use paints that are appropriate for your kids' ages too.  Washable paints are always awesome!

We also like to keep a great supply of water colors.  They are great for kids of all ages.  Plus, it challenges them to make the colors lighter or darker depending on how much water you add.  My kids love water colors, and they are easy to clean up!

Glue, Tape and Collage Materials

Make sure you have lots of glue, maybe even a couple of different kinds, and then some things like wiggly eyes, pom poms, jewels and foam pieces for the kids to create with.  You can even use confetti.  Kids love this because they can create anything using the pieces.

Crayons and Markers

You'll also need a lot of crayons to keep everyone busy.  Crayons come in handy when you are out at dinner, in the car and at the kitchen table.  As kids get older, they will want more of a selection so make sure you take that into consideration when you buy.  My daughter is okay with five or so colors but my seven year old wants all the colors he can get his hands on.

You might want to keep your supply box filled with baby wipes for messy hands and paper towels for big messes!

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