Simply Audiobooks is a monthly audio book subscription service that offers over 50,000 titles! Customers receive audiobooks in the mail and ship them back when they are finished. There are no late fees or limits to how many books you can listen to per month!

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Save up to 70% with Subscription

Renting audiobooks with monthly subscription saves you up to 70% off the regular purchase price of each title!

$25 - $88 SAVED!

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Free 15 Day Trial

Choose the 2-books-at-a-time membership plan and you can try the service out for 15 days at no charge!

$13 SAVED!

100% Tested

Free Shipping Sitewide

Shipping is free, both ways, on every title sitewide at Simply Audiobooks.


Shipping Options & Charges

  • Average Shipping Costs: Free!
  • Ships in 2-6 days. Standard Rates Apply
  • Special locations require additional time.

Return Policy

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