Stew Leonards offers a variety of high quality gift baskets, including an excellent collection of food, fruit, chocolate, baked goods, popcorn, wine, meat and seafood, and more. A great gift for any holiday or occasion.

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Gift Basket Gifts from Stew Leonards

Richel Newborg
July 17, 2014

gift basket It's tough sometimes to find the right gift for someone.  I learned a long time ago that sometimes you just have to shop smart and send a gift basket of treats!  No one will turn down food! Stew Leonard's has tons of gift baskets to choose from.  From Fruit to Meats they have a huge selection that makes giving gifts easy peasy!  Here are some gifts that are tummy pleasers for everyone!

Half Gallon or One Gallon Bucket of Brownies

OMG!  It literally is a cute little bucket full of brownies!  Now who is going to turn these away!  Carefully packed and freshly made, these are just yummy! I might have to send one to myself! There is nothing like a warm cup of coffee and a nice fresh brownie in the afternoon for a little pick me up!

Fresh Fruit Baskets

Even if they don't like every fruit in the basket, these are big enough to share with the whole office.  You can also mix it up by sending a fruit and nut or fruit and cheese basket. The Awesome fruit basket is just that-AWESOME!  It has a variety of man kinds of fruits along with nuts, crackers and a few other yummy things!  If you are giving a gift to a large office, project management team or even to a family, this is the basket for you! It's large enough to feed a number of people and the basket has something that everyone will love.

The Student Care Package

This basket will make your kid everyone's favorite on campus!  Full of candy and treats, it's a real crowd pleaser.  It would also be perfect for a movie night with friends or thanking friends who watched your kids while you had a date night.  We also think it would make a great prize at your kids next silent auction or even as a prize for their next fundraiser. Here are just a occasions that a a great gift basket like these would make the perfect gift!
  • Dorm warning for a new college student
  • Welcome to the office member
  • Welcome to the new neighbors
  • A prize for a silent auction
  • Congratulations on a promotion
  • House warming gift
  • New Baby
  • Celebrating an adoption
What other unique occasions can you think of when a gift basket would make the perfect gift?

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