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Top 5 Frames We Love as Sunglasses

Richel Newborg
July 17, 2014

Glasses from Zenni Most people don't realize that you can take advantage of all the great deals from eyeglass providers even if you don't wear glasses for better sight.  That's right!  You can order stylish frames for a steal and get them with plain lenses.  It's a little trick I was doing long before I need glasses for sight. Why this is a great deal is you have so many more styles to choose from.  You will also get a lot longer life out of your pair of shades because you can add scratch guard and UV coverings.  Plus you can upload a front facing shot of yourself and virtually try them on.  This is unique because normally online you can get a better deal but of course you always worry because you cannot try them on. With this feature from Zenni you can give any pair a go before you order them! We selected our top five frames we love as sunglasses from Zenni.  Shop now and score some amazing deals!

Full Rimmed Frames in Pink, $20

These frames would make some exceptional shades.  With a nice dark tint, the pink would really pop!  We also love that they have a great shape that fits most face shapes.

Tortoise Shell Frames with Etched Metal Sides, $26

These frames are unique.  The etched patten on the side is randomly selected so each one is just a little different.  The tortoise shell goes with a number of colors and together with the etched pattern make these movie start chic.

Cat Eye Style, Full Frames in Red, $26

These retro chic shades are just perfect. The bold red color and shape make them pinup perfect!  Pair them with some red lipstick and you will be turning heads no matter where you wear them.

Full Rimmed Frames in Yellow, $20

Okay not everyone can pull off bright yellow frames.  These however scream summer.  I think they are classic and just a little spunky! They will make a statement and for sure turn heads!

Full Rimmed Frames in Black with Sparkles, $36

These are so girlie!  I love it! Plus the large rims give your eyes the perfect amount of coverage.  These are similar to the ones I just got but I can tell you I paid a whole lot more!!! This is one of the reasons that I love this option for getting new shades, you can get such a better deal!