Style Guide: Spring Jackets

Richel Newborg, Mar 19, 2015 - Comment

The worst of winter is over (fingers crossed), so it’s time to emerge from your cocoon. Set aside your puffers, your parkas and your furs and slip into something a little more seasonal. Here we’ve rounded up five jacket styles to consider for spring. Every piece mentioned here is under $200, so go ahead—lighten up! Leather: On a jacket, leather is, and has always been, cool—there’s no changing that. But what has evolved is the selection of colors. Black? Of course. But subdued shades like blush or mint? Now that’s interesting. We’re especially smitten with’s baby blue faux leather number ($105). Denim: Is there anything more versatile than a jean jacket? It can look punk rock, all-American and even Canadian (as in a jean-on-jean Canadian tuxedo). Invest in denim and style as you please. Madewell’s Ellery wash ($118) makes for good mixing and matching. It’s a medium hue that’s only slightly distressed. Trench: Sophistication comes easy with a trench. Picture Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Sophia Loren in The Key. It’ possible to wear one with just jeans and a tee and still feel utterly glamorous. That’s why we’ve got our eye on the Cotton Twill trench ($168) at Loft. Bomber: Toss whatever you assume about a bomber jacket out the window. Visions of Top Gun? Picturing earth tones and shearling collars? The bombers of today come in bright colors, funky prints and often sport intricate embroidery. Take, for example, The Fifth’s Neoprene jacket ($138) on It’s decked out in florals and a spring-friendly fabric—definitely not something Maverick would wear. Anorak: April showers bring… anoraks (and yes, loads of lovely buds). Here’s your all-purpose answer to the harsh realities of the season. It will rain, mornings may be chilly and wind is certainly a possibility. Keep cozy in a water-resistant jacket like J.Crew’s Fishtail Anorak ($198). Read full post

National Peach Blossom Day: Peachy Perfection

Richel Newborg, Feb 25, 2015 - Comment

There are some amazing peach-inspired products on the market right now. From nail polish to lip scrub, it is chic to be peachy keen. Since it's National Peach Blossom Day (March 3), here are some great finds that are not only peach-inspired but also budget-friendly. Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush, $30 on It can be tough to find the right shade of blush. This amazing trio of peach blush shades from Too Faced is just perfection. It blends so nicely that you can't go wrong. It also makes an awesome eye shadow in a pinch; just sweep a small brush over one shade and apply. Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Glitter Nail Polish in Bare Peach, $15 at Neiman Marcus Every girl needs to have a neutral shade like this one in their beauty bag. For those that like just a bit of sparkle, this shade from Bobbi Brown is perfect. English Honey and Peach Blossom Body Wash, $22 on Crabtree Evelyn Crabtree Evelyn have a whole line of products featuring the wonderful scents of honey and peach blossom. This scent is light, feminine and leaves your skin feeling amazing. This line of products also makes a wonderful hostess gift. Sara Happ Peach Lip Scrub, $23.95 on Exfoliating your lips can make the application of lipstick a lot easier. Plus, if you exfoliate your lips, you won't feel that need to lick your lips because they feel dry (which causes chapped lips to occur).  This lip scrub is gentle and lightly scented. If you have Amazon prime, this one ships for free. Makeup Forever Eyeshadow in Pearly Peach, $21 on I just checked out this line of makeup the last time I was at Sephora and it was wonderful.  I love the way the eyeshadow goes on and there are a TON of colors to choose from!   Which shade of peach is your favorite? Read full post

5 Amazing Looks from Nasty Gal

Richel Newborg, Feb 17, 2015 - Comment

If you've never shopped Nasty Gal, then you've seriously been missing out.  They have such an amazing collection of curated outfits and accessories-we promise you'll find something you like!  What we love is that they group things so well making it easy to see an outfit rather than just pieces. This season there are so many things that are just perfection on their site.  They've got Midi Skirts, some amazing tops and best of all their accessories are just a slice of perfection! You Complete Me Skirt, $98 This skirt just really caught my eye. The color first of all it just the perfect shade of red. The length is a big win too because it will complement many different body types. The wide pleats give it so much shape and texture that you could pair it with a simple top or even a tank and look amazing.  Although I am not a fan of the boots in the photo-I do thing boots are a just one of the looks that you could wear with this skirt.  I also think a pair of simple flats would be amazing. Nasty Gal Just Drop It Sweater, $58 Just give me this sweater and a pair of comfortable jeans and I might not wear anything else.  You can also pair it with cut offs, a great Midi or even a pair of chic leggings.  It will give you that perfect slouchy, sexy, just a little messy look. The color is great too. This is such a great sweater for early summer too.  You could easily throw it on over a swimsuit and look really great after spending the day on the beach or at the pool. Nasty Gal Gimme The Scoop Top, $48 Perfect with jeans or even that great Midi skirt above. This is a top that can become a staple in your wardrobe.  It's fitted, and the small buttons are a nice touch and for me bring this top to the next level.  Sometimes it is the simple things that make all the difference. Grab this top while you can. After Party Vintage Satiya Dress, $128 It's floral, it's comfortable-you could wear this to a casual party or to the office.  Use great accessories and really create an amazing look that can work for you in multiple ways. Nasty Gal Spin Me Round Mules, $98 The color of these shoes is perfect and they have a nice cushy insole so that should make the comfortable.  Mules are really hot this year so if you don't have a pair in your closet-grab these! Read full post

Get the Perfect Look This Valentine’s Day

Dustyn Deerman, Feb 11, 2015 - Comment

Well we’re just a couple weeks away from Valentine's Day, and surely lots of you have some romantic evenings planned. Whether you’re headed to dinner and a movie, going dancing, taking part in a group outing, or heading out of town (it is after all on a Saturday this year), you’ll want something that makes a statement, looks effortlessly sexy, and of course, will remain comfortable while you stare into your loved one’s eyes all night. One of the ways to you can create a great look is to pair one "statement" piece with other items from your wardrobe. This will save you cash because you won't have to blow a lot of money on a whole new look and you can refresh for instance a pair of black slacks by wearing an amazing top. It's an easy trick to not only get the most out of the staples in your wardrobe but also lessen the dent in your pocket book.  If you need a top Start with a simple but stunning top. This top from Nasty Gal is not only on sale, but also something you could totally wear again (not to mention, you can totally dress this up or down!). We love how they styled this with a body chain, we encourage you to do the same! It would be perfect with a black skirt, slacks or even a great pair of jeans for a casual sexy look.   If you need a skirt This skirt from Piperlime offers a sweet and sexy look and it too is on sale at the time of this post! If you’re planning an even more casual night, this would also pair well with just a sweater or simple top (even a t-shirt would look good)—so versatile. This would also be really comfortable and you could wear it for other occasions. If you need to keep warm Now, you know it’s going to get chilly at night, I mean, it is after all still winter; you’re going to want to cover up with something that still shows off the outfit you have on and amps up your over all look. We love this red lace kimono shaw. It’s beautiful and has lots of little details. This can actually be found at, you’d maybe be surprised what beautiful finds you could get there. They have a great selection of clothing so check it out! If you need shoes Now, for the shoes! You don’t want to do too much red here, especially if you’ve opted for a big statement piece like the kimono shawl above. These heels from Ruche are really lovely. We love the dual colors here; the burgundy and bronze hues are nicely paired and of course, they on no too high so you feet will forgive you! So there you have it! Create your own look that can take you anywhere this Valentine’s Day. Read full post

Setting a Romantic Mood This Valentine's Day

Holly Williford, Feb 02, 2015 - Comment

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, it's important that you prep more than just a great gift; don't forget about the bedroom, too. If you've got an evening planned after the evening (wink, wink) then here's a list of great options for setting the romantic mood. We've tried to cover all the bases but let us know if you have another tip! Dress Yourself Well, technically you aren’t part of the bedroom décor, but how could I skip over lingerie? The dainty and lacy Blush Victory Pushup Babydoll Set offers a soft pink negligee that’ll have your man/woman raring to go for days. Dress The Bed The same old, same old comforter just doesn’t seem to be worthy of celebrating your wonderful love. So check out the Once Bella Casa Hand Painted Love Duvet Cover. Scrolled across in white, cursive letters is the world love. I love the whimsical font and feel of this delicious V-Day themed color.   Set The Mood It isn’t just all about what you wear and roll around in. Start with a combo of candles and flowers with this Ceramic Rose Candle holder that just screams romance. Add some florals with the beating heart red Hydrangea Creative Display Floral Arrangement. Feel free to add onto the basics if you must, but we like keeping it minimalistic.   Have A Snack You’re bound to work up an appetite while spending all that extra time in the bedroom. In order to not break the rhythm of the evening, it is good to have some delightful snacks on hand. As I was thinking about bedroom décor, I thought chocolate. Don’t judge me. I recommend the Mrs. Prindables Grand Love Basket that has chocolate-covered everything, including chocolate covered caramels. Please excuse me while I wipe the drool off of the screen. Memorialize The Evening  Since this was such a fabulous Valentine’s Day, I think you should memorialize it with some high art. I have always been a big fan of pop art, and all of the colorful hearts of the Oliver Gal Artist Co. Tiago Magro Freedom, Multi, 20" x 20" melted mine. Take a look. Valentine ’s Day or no, it is fabulous. Plus, the rest of the Oliver Gal options on the website are also equally delightful! What do you do to spruce up the bedroom for the evening of Valentine’s Day? Read full post

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