Winter Skin Care: 3 Natural Products For Dry Skin

Holly Williford, Jan 29, 2015 - Comment

After years of dealing with dry and itching skin that would, this is so gross I don’t even believe I’m admitting it, cause me to have back acne, I finally decided to look for an entirely new approach to skin care. All of the traditional lotions, shampoos and conditioners were not cutting it, so I decided to try to go all natural after discussing my woes with my yoga teacher. After all, trying it out couldn’t hurt anything, right!? Read full post

8 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Pals

Amelia Mularz, Jan 28, 2015 - Comment

It turns out there is an actual Friendship Day in August (who knew?). However, we think Valentine’s Day is just as fitting for a little pal-on-pal appreciation. And if he or she is single that’s even more reason to throw some warmth your friend’s way. Here we’ve gathered a bevy of amigo-appropriate gifts. Read full post

Marsala Mania: 7 Ways to Decorate with Pantone’s Color of the Year

Amelia Mularz, Jan 26, 2015 - Comment

You’ve probably seen Pantone’s color of the year – Marsala – used as a nail polish and a lipstick shade. In fashion, it’s also been a hit. Beyoncé and Iggy Azalea have both worn leather leggings in the maroonish shade. Alexa Chung has rocked the color as shorts, and Hillary Clinton has been spotted sporting this robust red wine in her coat. But Marsala shouldn’t be confined to your closet. Incorporate it into your décor in every room, from your living room to your dining room to your bathroom. Here are seven ways to work the shade.   Beaded Medallion Pillow in Burgundy, $30 (on sale), We’re calling this Marsala meets Marrakech. Because there’s so much earthiness in the color, it lends itself well to a bohemian vibe. The intricate bead display won’t feel good pressing against your tender cheek during an afternoon catnap, but it will look stunning on your couch next to a mustard colored throw. It’s so pretty, who would want to sleep on it, anyway?   Portfolio Hyde Red Wine Arm Chair, $279 (on sale), Picture sinking into this comfy chenille-covered arm chair at the end of a long, cold day in February. Grab a good book and a big glass of vino (the chair’s color is described as Red Wine, after all). We’re into this deep shade and the chair’s dark walnut accents for creating a cozy little nook.   Chenille Throw in Pantone's Color of the Year, $15 (on sale), Oooh, Marsala is toasty, too. At least when it takes the form of a soft chenille throw it is. Cuddle up with the color of the year and ward off any mid-winter blahs. This machine-washable blanket with fringe trim gets the job done.   Spectrum Modern Damask Rug in Wine, from $208, The color of the year works underfoot, too. This rug has a subtle damask pattern that won’t interfere with existing décor. Another bonus? The dark shade means it will show less wear and tear. Spilled red wine? No problem!   Modern Marrakesh Shower Curtain, $30, Carry the boho feel on into the bathroom. This Moroccan-inspired design has an international feel, plus it’s not too manly or too feminine (everyone will be happy…yay!). Throw in some candles and maybe a decorative lantern or two and you’ll have your own at-home hammam.   Mario Batali By Dansk Classic 9-Inch Square Baker, $90 Add some Marsala to your dinner table (and no, we don’t mean chicken marsala, though that’s good, too). This baking dish is just beautiful!  Perfect for serving your favorite dish.   Voluspa Goji and Tarocco Three-Wick Tin Candle, $19.50, Ok, if you’re not quite ready to jump onto the Marsala bandwagon, a candle is a nice low-commitment way to get a taste for the shade. This reusable metal container will look stunning on a coffee table or bathroom vanity. As for the candle itself, this exotic fragrance packs a punch with notes of goji berry, mango and orange. Enjoy burning this baby for up to 60 hours. What's your favorite way to use Marsala color of the year? Read full post

Four Great Valentine's Day Buys for Pets

Kaitlin Jenkins, Jan 23, 2015 - Comment

There’s no doubt that Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating those we love. This year, celebrate your love for your pets with this collection of great treats, toys, and gifts that are sure to please all of your pals with four paws. We’ve rounded up a few pet products and holiday-inspired ideas that will help ensure your Valentine’s Day 2015 is one to remember. Read full post

Cold Weather Campus Trends

Ellen Martin, Jan 21, 2015 - Comment

Although it feels like winter, It’s fall! New season, new looks… right? Being a college student, I love seeing new fashions and trends appearing on campus from season to season; and this fall, I’ve noticed so many new trends already! Aside from the stereotypical college look of leggings, a North Face jacket, and Uggs (it’s so real!), I’ve seen trends like mid-rise jeans, high-neck tank tops, and hooded sweaters! One of my favorite trends, however, is a waterfall cardigan. Read full post

Fashion Forward: How to Wear Winter Whites

Amelia Mularz, Jan 20, 2015 - Comment

January is a time for scaling back. Most of us went on a spending spree during the holidays (gifts, party dresses, nights out) and we probably overindulged with our diets with cocktails, Christmas cookies, and carbs galore. Even when it came to the way we dressed, we went all out with fashion (New Year’s Eve sequins, anyone?). So now its time we rein everything in, get back on track and back to our more normal ways. Read full post

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