Links We Love: Back to School Inspiration

Richel Newborg, Aug 14, 2014 - Comment

I know that heading back to school is not top of your list right now unless you are a mom, and having the kids go back to school is a reclaiming of your freedom. We know for most of us it means tests and studying but it also means new friends, new social activities and generally new stuff like clothing, make up and gear. We found some great back to school beauty inspiration from some of our favorite bloggers here at Chippmunk. Read full post

The floral rocker

Molly Griffin, Aug 11, 2014 - Comment

Introducing the ultimate style juxtaposition: the floral rocker. Combine the edgy cool factor of the rocker gal with the flirty, feminine frills of floral fashion and you have one chic combination—floral rocker. A fun, unexpected mix of floral print, leather, and lace will surely bring your wardrobe to life. This trend is perfect for the fashionista who can’t seem to make up her mind between a little bit edgy and a fine floral frenzy. What’s your take on this fierce and flirty trend? Read full post

Dog Summer Swimming Essentials

Kaitlin Jenkins, Aug 08, 2014 - Comment

Summertime is the season for sun and swimming. Many of our dogs enjoy swimming and splashing around just as much as we do. During the intense summer heat, a dip in the pool is a great way to cool down. Keeping your dog safe while in and around water is extremely important, because even experienced swimmers can encounter a problem. Read full post

Links We Love From the Weekend

Richel Newborg, Aug 04, 2014 - Comment

Having not much to do this weekend (stuck in a hotel room should be a little fun!) I decided to put together a few links that we are loving here at Chippmunk right now!  There are great tips, some tricks and great blogs you might want to follow -besides ours of course! Read full post

Get the Low Down on Healthy and Safe Dog Treats

Samira Mahjoub Tapia, Aug 01, 2014 - Comment

The continued news about tainted jerky from China is pretty alarming to many pet owners. The FDA reports that hundreds of dogs and cats have died, and we're pretty angry that anyone had to lose their furbabies. We're very careful about what we feed the Chippmunk canine crew and are sharing our tips on how to make sure the dog treats you feed are safe. Read full post

$5 Finds: Dorm Room Must Have's

Richel Newborg, Jul 30, 2014 - Comment

It's that time; back to school is here. Although it's still hot and the call of summer is still shouting our names, there is also another voice that screams that it's time to hit the books. Here are 5 Finds that are perfect for your dorm room that are $5 and under. Grab them now and you'll be set once you hit the halls of academia. Read full post

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